Subscribe to Electronic Communications

We’d really like you to sign up for electronic communications.

Choosing to receive your communications electronically will:

  1. allow you to receive general Scheme communications by e-mail;
  2. enable you to contact us quicker (and cheaper) without the need to write or call us*; and
  3. reduce the amount of printing we do – cutting down on our paper and postage costs but also reducing the amount of paper arriving through your door.

If you register for electronic communications, you will no longer receive copies of certain paper documents, such as our newsletter and Annual Funding Statements. Instead you will receive an e-mail containing links to our website, where electronic copies of the documents can be viewed or downloaded.

It’s easy to register – just email us at, and add “Subscribe to Ecomms” as the subject. Please ensure you use the email address you’d like us to register, and include your full name, National Insurance number and date of birth.

*As communication by email is not secure, please do not email anything confidential, financial or sensitive – see the privacy section for more information.