Coats Foundation Trust

The Coats Foundation Trust is a charity which was established by the company in 1974 and provides small grants to individuals or institutions which cover the three main objectives:

  1. the relief of persons who are aged, powerless or in conditions of need, hardship or distress;
  2. the advancement of education;
  3. the provision (or assistance in the provision) in the interests of social welfare, of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation.

Due to the limited funding available any requests for educational purposes are prioritised to students studying Textile related courses, and although other cases will be considered awards are not guaranteed. Grants will only be paid in relation to materials or fees for your course and not used for rent, living expenses etc. If a grant is awarded for fees this amount will be paid direct to the university or institution for that period and no refunds will be issued to students for any fees already paid.

Members of the Coats UK Pension Scheme are welcome to contact the Trust if they are experiencing hardship but awards are only made dependent on the individual’s circumstances and will be a one-off payment for a specific need, for example, to help towards funeral expenses, or essential repairs.  We do not normally accept applications for day-to-day items such as food or rent, however the Trustees are now allowing applications from members who are experiencing unexpected financial distress as a direct result of Coronavirus COVID-19.

For an application form for educational funding, please click here.

For Coats UK Pension Scheme members requiring assistance in cases of hardship, please click here.

You will also need to complete a Financial Statement for both, please click here.

Coats Pensions Office in Glasgow is responsible for the administration of the Coats Foundation Trust.

Any information you provide to us will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice which is available on our website by clicking here or as a paper copy by request.