Coats Foundation Trust

Coats Foundation Trust – an update

The Coats Foundation Trust (CFT) has recently undergone significant changes. We are pleased to share the following key updates and changes that have taken effect:

•  Transfer of administration: the administration of the CFT has now been fully transitioned to the Trades House of Glasgow (registered charity, no. SCO 40548). For further information, enquiries, or to access application forms and guidelines, please visit the Trades House of Glasgow’s website.

•  New applications: all new applications will be processed by Trades House of Glasgow. We encourage potential applicants to direct their enquiries and applications to Trades House of Glasgow. Please visit their website or email

•  Completed/closed applications: records relating to completed or closed applications have been transferred to J. & P. Coats, Limited who will maintain the records. Information about how these records will be managed and the contact details for J. & P. Coats, Limited is available by clicking here or as a paper copy by request.

We are confident that the administration of The Coats Foundation Trust will be in safe and capable hands at Trades House of Glasgow and we wish them every success.