Important Information about Pensioner Payment Dates

As advised in our newsletter – The Link – issued in December 2019, the Trustee has agreed to harmonise the pension payment dates for the Coats UK Pension Scheme.

If you were a member of the former Coats Pension Plan or former Staveley Industries Retirement Benefits Scheme, starting from the February 2020 payment your pension will be paid to you a few days earlier than before – on the 28th of the preceding month; the February payments will be made on 28th January. If you were a member of the former Brunel Holdings Pension Scheme, there will be no change to your pay date.

Pensions continue to be paid in advance. When the 28th falls on a bank holiday or weekend, your pension will be paid on the working day prior to the 28th.

Please refer to your covering letter for further information about pay dates in 2020.